About Us
Value Smart Products has been a hard working and customer focused manufacturer since 1998. Our primary focus is private label sales in the laundry and dish detergent and additives categories. However, we also market our Pulse brand to select customers and recently have become a significant contract manufacturer to branded companies in North America and the Middle East. Our customer base includes most grocery retailers in the US and Canada, plus a strong position in the club, drug and value trade classes throughout the US.
Value Smart Products is headquartered in the Atlanta area and manufactures and ships from several locations.

Key Personnel
Drew Harrison
CEO & Founder
Rob Huey
Executive Vice President
Mark Moyer
Cooper Harrison
Business Development Manager
Joe Hall
Assistant Plant Manager
Gorky Vaca
Assistant Plant Manager
Tyler Kattmann
Assistant Plant Engineer
Donna Bishop
Manager, Purchasing & Customer Service
Darlene Manning
Manager, Customer Service
Maria Harris
Manager, Customer Service
Scott Rounds
National Account Manager
Ken Lucas
Director, Creative Services
Our Mission
National brand equivalent performance, quality and service, while delivering high retail margins.

Our History
Founded in 1998, on the premise that a small, innovative company with a high level of service and a hard work ethic would be in demand. The Value Smart Products customer base and volume has increased dramatically over the last few years and is expected to continue. Since 2013, we have exclusively marketed laundry and dish detergents and additives.
Our category focus has been a huge success and our premise was proven right with dramatically increasing sales. The Value Smart customer base has increased over four times the last few years and continues to grow rapidly. We market our products throughout the US, Canada, Mexico, Israel and various Asian countries with other countries expected soon.
(678) 513-9798
Monday-Friday: 8:00am-4:30pm